Guest Addressing

Yes! You will need to use our template to fill out your guest’s information and you will see a proof of all your guest’s addresses during the proofing process. Please download our template below and you will be able to upload your template when you are ordering your invitations.

Download Guest Address Template Here

Whoever is listed on the envelope is technically who is invited. If it only lists a husband and wife, then children wouldn’t be invited. Therefore, include anyone in that household who is invited as part of the guest addressing. If a child is over 18 years of age but still lives with their parents, you can mail them their own invitation if you’d like. Most wedding invitations use salutations for guest addressing (Mr., Mrs., Miss, Dr., etc.). Here are some examples of how to list names on the mailing envelope for guest addressing:

  • Mr. and Mrs. John Smith (only the husband and wife are invited)
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and Family (husband, wife, and children are invited)
  • Mr. John Smith (only John is invited)
  • Mr. John Smith and Guest (John is invited and can bring a guest)
  • Olivia and John Smith (this does not use salutations, so it is less formal, only the husband and wife are invited, if you do not use salutations then list the woman’s name first)